Yahoo Notepad to Google Docs to iPod Touch

Following Ted’s lead (although after the price went from 99 cents to $3.99) I purchased the NoteMaster app for my iPod Touch. Most of my quick notes are stored under a Google Doc folder (label) called “notepad” where they were created when I converted my Yahoo Notepad to Google Docs.

169 “notepad” documents are now on my iPod Touch in what was a much quicker and smoother process than the Yahoo Notepad to Google Doc steps.

golden-in-notepad.jpgI was even surprised to see a thumbnail of a Golden Retriever in one of my notes, which I had pasted in as a reminder about an image-based security step in one of my accounts.

Only one note did not transfer down, the one containing all of my VW Passat specs. It is a relatively small amount of simple text, so I’m not sure why it didn’t make it down.

Thanks for the research and review Ted!