11 New Kobalt Blue Pliers

I recently moved all of my general purpose hand tools from a tupperware type toolbox to a satchel. I already like the satchel better. Pockets on the inside and out allow for an even distribution of tools, and the outer pockets are great for the most common use tools.

Pliers and screwdrivers are the most commonly used in our house, and my tools don’t always get put back, even though the other tool-owner in the house has her own set. Somehow my needle nose and wire snips have disappeared, and I have been reduced to some very ancient worn out versions. Also, my good pliers given to me by Grandpa Tom way back, have about had it, after serving a couple of well used decades.

So for Christmas, I arranged for everyone in the family to have a present under the tree *TO* me *FROM* each of them. It was a surprise. They didn’t know they were, collectively, giving me 11 new pliers including some mini-pliers I have sorely needed for electronic work. They have blue handles, so they will stand out as “Dad’s” and should not be leaving my tool satchel.

Thanks family! Now stay away from my tools!!!!

Lowe’s Kobal 5-piece pliers set #253677:


Lowe’s Kobal 6-piece mini pliers set #0253678:


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