m&m Gunk Rocks

When flying between meals, I’ll get a bag of peanut m&m’s in flight. Ever since Delta quit taking cash, I use my company card. My assistant asked me recently, “I’ve been meaning to ask you, what are these $2 fees Delta has started charging you. Is it for baggage?” I then confessed it was for m&m’s. She thought that was funny.

On my last trip, I was well through the bag when I spotted something at the bottom. It looked like a rock. Turns out there were two of these rocks and a really bad looking m&m. After determining the rocks were just gunks of smashed up m&m’s, I ate the rest of the contents. I have to admit, the final m&m’s did not taste as good since they had more “gunk dust” on them that the first m&m’s.

Thought I’d include the photos to share with Mars. The second one has a lot number they may find useful.

mm-gunk-rocks-closeup.jpg m-m-gunk-rock-20100915-1739.jpg m-m-gunk-rock-20100915-1740.jpg