Kroger Chip Rip

Opened a new package of Kroger brand chips. The bag was 1/3 chips and 2/3 air. That’s a 3/3 (total) rip off! Don’t buy Kroger chips!


Anna Maria 2010 Photos Up

Photos by Julie, Jeb, Claire, Carol, and Bob. Put them in Julie’s Gallery.

Anna Maria June 2010 Memory List


Ice cream sandwich pie

Grant’s deliberate misreading of the Crazy 8’s rules

David sleeps all day and stays up all night

Kelly’s new braces

Andrew convinces Michael to swim in the ocean by offering

him $5

Watching sunsets every night

Playing Wii even though we didn’t have any games

First house with an elevator

House full of men helps push stuck van out of sand

Walking down the street for all you can eat pancakes

Pith boy

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