Feedburner Test

I embed RSS feeds from other sources on Mac5. Examples include my del.icio.us bookmarks or Ed or Betty Claire’s websites.

I’m looking into an alternative to feed.informer.com, who was acquired by somebody and has since suffered performance issues, at times delaying the redraw of Mac5 home page. Feedburner.com was acquired by Google. Hoping for better performance. The styling options are not as friendly as feed.informers, so I’ll have to hand tweak some CSS to fix the way the date and text don’t line up the way I would want.

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25 Years of Mac

Wired magazine has a short article about the history of Macintosh. The graphic below is fun to look at. Nicole and Danny will remember some of the computers and printers on the left. Kelly and Claire are more familiar with the right. Although, Claire still plays with an old 1994 PowerBook 520c that amazingly works and can even surf the internet with a light version of Opera.

mac5 runs on a Blue 1999 G4 PowerMac which made this montage.