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I inserted this code in the Entry Meta template to show an edit icon next to the Permalink and Comment links. Allows for quick access to re-edit a published article.

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Five Forks Food

Introducing (or really re-introducing) Five Forks Food, a recipe database that is a special “community blog” format supported by Movable Type. In theory, any member of Mac5 can contribute recipes or add comments. I’m still figuring it out.

You will find a link titled “FOOD” in the upper right corner of Mac5.

These are recipes Kathy typed into our Macintosh many years ago in a Hypercard Stack. She references them all the time. Later I converted them from HyperCard to a Lotus Notes Domino database that could be used on the web. (It is still here for the moment.)

A random set of recipes is published on the home page every 10 minutes.

Lost in translation are the 1 – 5 Fork ratings. I likely will have to key those by hand. You can look by category, look by name under the “All” link, or do a search on a word using the search field. For example: Search for bourbon.

If you make any of these, take a picture and send it to me. I’ll embed the photo in the recipe!

New Office (Mac’s view)

I’ve moved out of the legendary “Sam’s office” and into an office around the corner. I needed to let Heather take the helm and oversee grand central station.

My MacBook has a built in camera. This is the “Mac’s view” of my office. I have my desk against a bare wall for now. As you can see… I could use some color. Kathy’s “401k” is the most I have so far.

Office1.jpg Office2.jpg Office3.jpg Office4.jpg Office5.jpg

Movable Type 4.3

Upgraded mac5 to Movable Type 4.3 primarily to support a random entry plugin for Five Forks Food.

Looks like Image::Magick (default thumbnailer) is working with this upgrade. I had mt-config set to use NetBPM.

Image test:


Mac5 on Touch and BlackBerry

In 2006 I wrote about getting my first BlackBerry that enabled internet viewing. My current BlackBerry 8830 is brighter and crisper, but internet browsing is put to shame by the “free” iPod Touch we got with Kathy’s new MacBook Pro. The ability to scroll, pinch-zoom in/out, and navigate is amazing. (An iPod Touch is basically an iPhone without a camera or phone capability.)

Hello astronaut Carol!

Getting Movable Type To Use 755

Claire’s new entries in a new month would not display. Movable Type is storing entries in archive directories by month, and when creating a new directory in her blog, it was setting to 777. Since her banner uses php to randomly display photos, the JustHost.com server did not like running anything through the php parser in a wide open directory. It wants a minimum security of 755. I found an article that described adding the following to the mt.config file. Solved the problem.

HTMLPerms 0775

DBUmask 0022

HTMLUmask 0022

UploadUmask 0022

DirUmask 0022

The odd thing is other blogs were creating as 755 already, so not sure why Claire’s behaved differently.