Resetting Joomla Hits Statistic

Joomla counts page hits in the jos_content table in a field called hits. These counts drive the “popular” module, which I use on the SJN home page. I wanted to reset all of the counts, because over time, they have become skewed. The control panel lets you reset to 0 page by page, but with hundreds of pages, that can be time consuming.

I tried using Joomla StatsCleaner but it generated an “Internal Server Error” and the following message: “The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.” Who knows…

So I decided to use phpMyAdmin to issue an SQL statement. This did the trick, resetting all values to 0:

UPDATE jos_content SET hits=0

Happy Birthday Ted!

While we all celebrated last Sunday ahead of the (ahem) procedure… I thought we needed a date stamp here on Mac5 to honor Uncle Ted! And to help explain why his strawberry birthday cake said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PNUT!”, transcripts from Ted’s cell phone (Verizon rips us off at 20 cents per):

Here’s what $1.00 buys you:

8-21-08: Ayy whats up -shawty kno

10-2-08: U stil g0t time 2 send pics b4 da wedding..

10-7-08: U still comin sat?

10-14-08: U sleep pnut

10-15-08: Wheres pnut

11-03-08: Hey pnut

We won an award

My team creates a quarterly news magazine that goes out to 18,000 banks and credit unions. We won an award, so the group went outside for a photo shoot. Some of the fun people I work with…