Civic Questions


Jeb wrote:

> Got a nail in the VW, although it didn’t go flat.

> Kathy drove it to get

> patched today, so I took the Honda to work. Some

> questions…


> 1. Was there a “star” nick on driver’s side

> windshield? If so, did you fill

> it using one of those patch kits? I might do that

> unless you already did.

USAA allowed me to get that nick patched for free at a

body shop. If I wasn’t happy with that, I could pay

the deductible of $250 and get the windshield

replaced. I decided to try patching it and then

decided I could live with that. So it has already been

patched. If it’s any consolation, it looked a lot

worse before. I may have mentioned that when selling

it to you because I think I could have still gotten

the windshield replaced at that point, but then you

just bought it anyway.


> 2. Does the car leak somewhere? I recall you saying

> that. It hasn’t rained

> since I bought the car (well almost.) Wondering if I

> should buy a car cover.

It can leak, but it always smells musty. The back left

door got crunched in while parked on Rae. You can test

if the door is making a good seal by closing the door

on a dollar bill at the top. If the dollar slides too

easily you can kind of bend the top of the window back

into the car while the door is open and check again.

It could also be AC-related.


> 3. What is the tinker bell noise when the car gets

> shut off. Is that the

> removable stereo plate saying… “don’t forget me!”

> Sounds like it comes

> from the right-side of the car.

That’s the faceplate reminding you to take it. If I

was in a bad area, I would take the faceplate off and

hide it in the pocket behind the passenger seat. But

now that the car is kind of old, I don’t know that it

matters much.


> 4. The seat seems low. I have plenty of head room.

> Is there any way to make

> the seat (base) go up?


— Ted

The Dirty Dozen

What are we?

1. Kitchen TV

2. Cabinet above #1

3. Cabinet above microwave

4. Garage refrig (shelf side)

5. Pantry onions

6. Kids bathroom

7. Garden tub

8. Shoe rack

9. Attic

10. Kitchen refrig (pantry side)

11. Workshop shelves (under brown)

12. Tack under porch

Feed the frog…

Hint: Click on the frog’s screen to give him little bugs.


Feed the fish…

Hint: Click on the fish pond to feed them.