CCode and TCode MT4.1

One confusing part of upgrading to MT4 is all that all the new templates and my old templates end up all mixed together. I created a “Temp41” blog from scratch just to have a reference set of code to help sort out the mess.

I missed that the javascript template is now “mt.js” instead of “mt-site.js” and that both were still being generated. Since this is where I store the CCode/TCode javascript (anti-spam), it was important to retire mt-site.js and get the obfuscator function into mt.js.

CCode and TCode works in before saving spam feedbacks to MT system. CCode/TCode makes it very difficult for spam-bots to guess tb URL and the required ct input fields. Target ct/tb URLs to send spams are calcuated from unrevealed entry/trackback data and obfuscated by Javascript.

Steps to install CCode/TCode in MT4 (vs. MT3.)

  1. Download MT4 version.
  2. Remove old plug-in code and add new plug-in code in MT system.
  3. Place obfuscator.js code into: mt.js template:
  4. Refresh mt.js in each blog to bring it in.
  5. Install the tag into the Comments Form template. This is an improvement because the new sub-template approach means only updating one sub-template vs. multiple templates under MT3. Put it under this line:<input type=”hidden” name=”entry_id” value=”” />
  6. Republish individual archives.

SMTP Inbound on Domino

Exact settings to allow SMTP inbound Internet Site document to work. (The host name will need to go to i.p. with R7.)

Descriptive name for this site: SMTP

Organization: FiveForks

Host names or addresses mapped to this site:

Domino servers that host this site: *

AutoMySQLBackup (Monthly)

The contents (text) of mac5 are all stored in a MySQL database. I use a script called AutoMySQLBackup to run daily, weekly, and monthly backups of the contents. These “dumps” are then copied over every night by Retrospect to a backup server (currently Mac17’s external Seagate drive.)

I routinely check these to make sure they are running by inspecting the contents of a recent dump. I noticed in the monthly set that besides “fivefor1_mtfiveforks” was another database “mysql”. Went on a wild goose chase looking under the /etc/periodic/monthly script and couldn’t even find AutoMySQLBackup. Turns out the monthly (and weekly) runs are all addressed in a single daily script under /etc/periodic/daily. Oh. Right. Set it up 3 years ago… who can remember.

Turns out I had not noticed an extra “advanced” setting that had a default database “mysql” in it, and so I was backing up a default, empty database every day for the past several years. Not much space, and easy enough to correct. While there decided I should add the gallery2 database (which holds photo titles, descriptions, and comments.)

So on OZ in are two lines:

DBNAMES=”fivefor1_mtfiveforks gallery2″

MDBNAMES=”fivefor1_mtfiveforks gallery2″ <-under advanced settings

Movable Type 4

This entry is being created with Movable Type 4.1 4.01. (We’ve upgraded.) I did a test of this no a second computer, and it all went pretty well. Off to find what’s broken…

Update: I used an old download and did not realize I upgraded to 4.01 instead of 4.1. No wonder I couldn’t find several features I thought were supposed to be in the system (like Global Templates.)

Clue for Nicole


In case you can’t get to e-mail, your clue is next to the most recent “combination” we created:

331 n / s

543 c * y

231 n / 5

127 n + 6

457 n = 2

982 c + f

153 n – d