MintyBoost x 2

mintyboost-two-teds-robot.jpgInspired by Ted’s experience, I ordered two MintyBoost kits. The girls will often bring their iPods on trips, running out of power because they had not planned ahead. Now they don’t have to plan ahead, because we can slip some of our rechargeable batteries into our MintyBoost kits and they are set. (We always keep 4 double-A batteries charged for use with our digital cameras.)

This project was just as fun as Ted describes, and thanks to Ted’s post, there were no frustrating moments. And of course it helped that Ted loaned me the tools. His “robot” third hand is shown in the attached photo displaying the two finished MintyBoosts.

Claire enjoyed helping. She put the tiny capacitors, resistors, etc. into the circuit board. Better eyes and smaller fingers than mine. The only “improvement” I can suggest is the step I took putting a rounded-corner piece of duct tape in the bottom to help the circuit board from touching metal. The padded tape would likely suffice, but the duct tape felt like a good precaution.

Thanks Ted!