Lotus Notes Mail Archiving

Trying to set up a policy that will archive e-mail older than 365 days on the server. It wasn’t obvious in the instructions what triggered the archive process. Finally realized it is the “-a” option for the “compact” command. This was set up in program document and scheduled to run Sat, Wed at 4:00 a.m. I also found I had to manually archive a couple of documents for the archive database to be created.

Spent a lot of time on a policy document, but in the end, I don’t think that is being used at all because it is not being pushed into the client database. (Using a custom template.) So it is the client archive settings that enable the compact -a command to work on a given database.

The “mail” in this line means only look into the mail directory. The -b means to

Load compact mail -a -b


Gmail Up to 5 Gigabytes

I just noticed that my Gmail mailbox now has 5 gigabytes up from 2.5 (and the original 1 gig.) Gmail also now allows 20 mb attachments, which is good for a collection of large photos or a small video. I am currently using 10% of this space with over 5,000 e-mails. I went looking for my oldest e-mail which was an exchange 7/1/2004 with Ted about whether or not it was his finger in a photo of a dik-dik.


Ted: “Actually it isn’t. I noticed that that picture made the rotation and

since I did take the picture and post it on a blog I figure it’s okay.

There was a woman standing at the fence and the dik-dik walked up and

jumped up on the fence to say hi. I would rather have just had a picture

of the dik-dik but it shows how friendly and small the dik-dik is by

having the hand. Susan said that woman’s hand was yucky looking, but you

can’t really tell from the picture.”