Mr. Picasso Head (5)

Kelly sent me this picture that she created with the Mr. Picasso Head website. I have no idea. Thank you Kelly.


Then mom sent me this one. It’s catching…


And then this one came in from Miss Bear:


Susan’s contribution to what is obviously becoming a cultural phenomenon. This could change what we see coming out of Paris next spring… even affect the 2008 elections….


From the curator’s private collection.


Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

Verizon sent met a notice with a letter and flyer explaining how important it was for them to gather and share Customer Proprietary Network Information, and how if I did not “opt-out” within 30 days, I would in effect be consenting for them to do this.

What it really means is they want to sell personal information like what numbers I call, where I drive and travel, and how frequently I use the network, and they don’t want to get in trouble for sharing it… whether on purpose or by accident.

Read more about it at the FCC here.

I called the opt-out number at Verizon and disabled sharing of CPNI for all numbers on my account (including Ted’s.) Call 800-333-9956 if you use Verizon and want to protect your information.

So this adds to the growing list of reasons I don’t like Verizon.

Voyagers Still Chatting

The farthest manmade objects from the sun are Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, both launched in 1977. This article is about the equipment that has to be maintained to keep talking to them.

They are supposed to call home until 2020. One calls once per month and the other calls every day. Not sure why the difference. I thought one of these 2 were the basis for V’ger in the first Star Trek movie, but I just read it was a fictional Voyager 6. (We only made two.)

If we can have “pong” emulators, why can’t our laptops have Voyager emulators? (Ted?)