Google Ad Earnings – $99.98

Over two years ago in May of 2004, I added Google ads to my blog and reported my first $4.08 in earnings. It has been a slow climb to get to the $100 mark that will trigger my first check from Google. Since I took this snapshot, it rolled over that mark, so the check should be in the mail at the end of this month.

Ted got his first check much faster and has gotten other checks from other ad sources. Helps to be an engineer-consumer-writer guy.


The CIA’s Chief of the Bin Laden Unit

This is a point of view worth hearing. It doesn’t contain a lot of the rhetoric in right-wing and left-wing positions (although Harper’s is pretty anti-establishment.) It doesn’t necessarily square with what I think, but it certainly influences what I think.

I’ve copy/pasted the entire article just in case the link stops working.

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Canon PowerShot A70 E18 Error

While at Anna Maria Island this summer, my Canon Powershot A70’s screen went blank and showed a little white E18 code in the lower left corner. The lens was stuck partially open. Shutting the camera on and off in review (vs shoot) mode let it recover enough to take more shots.

I’ve sinced used it to take other pictures including white water rafting with Kelly. Kelly then used it to take a lot of pictures on the Life Teen retreat this weekend. She saw the error, too. She asked me if I had tried Google to find out what is wrong. Just did that. The first link was to a sponsored website called Amazing. It includes information about how to try to fix it the problem yourself. Basically I’m guessing a piece of Anna Maria sand has gotten in my camera, and it will be a matter of blowing it out.

9, H, Brown, B Flat

After delcaring that Pluto was no longer a planet, the same group of scientists decided to extend their meeting and make other decisions. Today’s announcements included:

  • 9 is no longer a number. It is just a shape.
  • H is no longer a letter. It will join 9 as a shape.
  • Brown is no longer a color. It will only be a last name, and
  • B Flat is no longer a musical note because none of the scientists like the way it sounds.

“B flat is the same as A sharp, so we don’t think it should matter,” said one of the scientists.

In an ironic twist, one of the scientists will no longer get to be a scientist because the panel of 309 had to be reduced to 308 to comply with the loss of the number 9.

More decisions will be announced tomorrow.

Katie & Pluto?

Pluto may be declared to no longer be a planet. Doesn’t seem fair, but in this article it says that Xena is bigger that Pluto, so that isn’t fair either.

So the name may become available, and Katie’s new brother could be called Pluto.