Ted’s story about the reporter who started a newspaper to fill the void left behind by Katrina is inspiring. It makes me want to quit my job, move down there, start up a Craig’s List kind of website, put the girl out of business, then take my mom to that restaurant and show her how everyone is reading my website on their BlackBerries. Kathy wants to buy the slab restaurant and turn it into a Starbuck’s. (Composed on a BlackBerry en route to the Gulf.)


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Graphing Mac5

Salal built a tool that will graph a web page, displaying the different tags like images, tables, and links. The resulting graph provides a visual clue to the organization of the home page (or any page.) This is Mac5:


Color indicates the most used tags in the following way:

blue: for links (the A tag)
red: for tables (TABLE, TR and TD tags)
green: for the DIV tag
violet: for images (the IMG tag)
yellow: for forms (FORM, INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT and OPTION tags)
orange: for linebreaks and blockquotes (BR, P, and BLOCKQUOTE tags)
black: the HTML tag, the root node
gray: all other tags

Kaleidoscope Pope

Sitting in the basement office I picked up a kaleidoscope and wondered if I could take a picture with it. Putting the settings on manual, I was able to adjust light and focus to pull it off. The light sources are

1. a laptop showing Mac 5 (That’s Pope JP II inserting a letter at the Wailing Wall)

2. a desk lamp

3. a window looking into the back yard. For about 30 days, the sun sets and lights up the backside of our house, so sun rays actually come in the basement window for 15 minutes or so.