I watched Steve Job’s keynote speech at Macworld. I always enjoy these presentations because Steve is simply one of the best presenters on earth. He talked about the amazing iPod sales, introduced the new Intel Macs, and showed off several of the new iLife applications that make photography, movie-editting, podcasting, and web building very simple.

(As I type, Claire and Kelly are giggling at the their podcast created in the new version of Garageband. They are using voice effects that make them sound like chipmunks and Will Farrell.)

In addition to iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, and iTunes, I was really impressed with a new member of the iLife suite called iWeb. It makes web page building easy. Including photos, movies, graphics, and text using fun templates can be done so quickly and easily, I couldn’t believe it.

So I bought iLife for $99. I can install it on up to five family Macs. There is nothing like this suite of software in the Windows world. Apple is so far ahead with integration between consumer-friendly applications, I don’t think Microsoft can ever catch up.

Here are two simple pages I created in a few minutes and then published to our home web server. I was happy to discover I did not have to pay for a .Mac account to publish these pages.



Honda Sounds

A new commercial for the new Honda Civic. (Worth the download time, Ted.)

Turn up the speakers or don headphones and listen carefully to the sounds as the video loads.

When you see the car, click on the “WATCH” button at the bottom. Watch the film. Then watch the rehearsals.