Choate on iPod Shuffle

Danny and I were out shopping for nail clippers for the ladies when we spotted a bunch of iPod accessories at Target. Danny gets a lot of use out of his iPod shuffle, but he thinks he would like to get the video iPod.

Brad Choate is an engineer who now works for Six Apart. I’ve followed his postings for a while. He says he’d take an iPod Shuffle any day over an iPod or Nano. He really likes the simplicity, small size, and durability.

A Writely Doc

This is a document. I am writing it with Writely which is an online word processor of sorts. I can write a posting using Writely (which has spell checking) and then post it to my blog. Writely will post it automatically.

Bold is this. Color are these.

  1. Bullet one
  2. Bullet two
  3. Bullet three

Will I ever use Writely again? Perhaps.

Estonians in the News

From an article about the recent OfficeMax security breach…

Oakland resident Alicia Vagts, 34, illustrates this possibility. She discovered in October that someone in Estonia was running up about $2,500 in fraudulent charges on her Washington Mutual debit card.

"I barely knew where Estonia was," she said. (It's on the Baltic Sea, right next to Russia.)

Print Button Won’t Work In Tiger

I could not get my iBook to print to the shared HP Deskjet 6540 on our iMac. In a print dialog, the Print button would do nothing. I could only Cancel to get out of the dialog.

This posting solved my problem. It basically involved resetting everything print related.

1. Delete the Print Preferences. Do a search (File menu/Find command) for files that start with and delete them. Then restart.

2. Launch Printer Setup Utility. Choose “Reset Printing System” from main menu.

3. Select (in this case shared) printer and add.

I was able to create a PDF immediately and then Print right after that.