Mirch Masala

The best Indian food in Atlanta, per Danny’s old boss at La Scoop. The cook is from England, where the best cooks live. He doesn’t work on Thursdays, so don’t go then.

Mirch Masala

1713 Church Street

Decatur, GA 30033


Oz is QuickSilver

Note to self. Oz is a PowerMac G4 867 QS Tower. That is QS (QuickSilver) as opposed to MDD (Mirrored Drive Doors) which means he is older which means he has an Ultra ATA/66 bus instead of ATA/100 which means the 200 GB drive I picked up for $99 at Sam’s will only end up acting like a 137 MB drive.

Also, Oz has an extra video card and when you forget that and plug into it, you end up seeing blank desktop (or extended desktop) and you think something is wrong. Tip: Plug the video cable higher.

Boy’s First Check

Danny got a checking account over a year ago. When a new client came out with a series of fun checks, Danny wanted to get the John Deere checks. He had not really had a reason to have checks, and really won’t need them until school.

I ordered them over the web for him and had to guess at the layout of numbers at the bottom, since he never had checks before. We did a test. It worked. He’s now ready to start giving his money to Spring Hill. (And yes, I refunded the $5 test to him but I used electronic funds transfer. Much easier.)


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Nor Cognac

In his statistical observation, Ted asks:

“I wonder if people will think all we do is smoke cigars? ”

And the answer is emphatically, no, that is not all we do. Not even Cuban cigars. Nor do we sit around and drink cognac with the Cuban cigars, even if our son did go out shopping on the island with his big sister and get a good deal on a few Cubans, bringing them back to the ship. Not even if the bartender were to suggest the proper way to smoke a Cuban cigar is by dipping the drawing end into your cognac. Not even then. We don’t want people to get the wrong impression.