Thank You 44

Thank you first to Kathy for putting together a wonderful dinner party that included cooking under a hot umbrella! The internet cake was delicious. You can borrow my teflon umbrella any time, especially after Grandad’s comment.

Thank you to Mom and Dad for making my birthday possible in the first place. The custard will be much enjoyed. Have to finish off before Saturday.

Thank you Sistuh Carol and Bruthu Grant for calling. Jake’s barbershop quartet(quintet? sextet?) is always a treat.

Thank you Bruthu Ted for coming over with your 24 (different) friends named Sam. We missed Susan. (We did not miss the Fishhouse punch.)

Thank you Nico for driving in to celebrate with Fatherman. I took two of the giant cookies to work for a snack today. Yum yum.

Thank you D.C. for helping your Mom cook in the rain. If the 12 new Stouts were your idea, then Stout and I thank you.

Thank you Kelly and Mary Claire for the beautiful paintings. They will definitely help dress up my office. You both get first ride in the new hammock.


This is a TinyUrl that will (for the rest of time) search for the exact phrase “The Psychic Hearts”. Putting the quotes around a phrase in Google will look only for pages with that exact phrase.

So as long as and exist, this is the URL that will do that search:

UPDATE: The owner of the dot com variation ends up at the top of the search above. So I created this second tinyurl which adds “nico” to the search string at google. So the search is: nico “The Psychic Hearts”

I’ve also updated the title of this posting.