Captions Under Thumbnails

Trying to figure out a way to display thumbnails horizontally with captions without using tables. Ran into this suggestion to use a DL tag (data list) which has a DT tag for a title (which can be the image) and a DD tag for data (which can be the caption.)

<style type=”text/css”>

#wrap {width: 500px;

} {float: left; width: 150px; padding: 2; border: 1px #f00 solid; margin: 0;

} dd {padding: .0em; margin: 0;



A Definition List:

<img src=""
Thinking Come Back
Lights Out and Fugetta Bout It

Not sure this is easier than tables which I’m using here:

<img src=""
Thinking Come Back

Lights Out and Fugetta Bout

Help Greg (Hire Greg!)

help-greg.jpgGreg recently lost his job with a small company. He sent me the snapshot below from his visit to the refrigerator magnet website. It must have been a civilized group, because he was able to arrange a bunch of the letters to spell help. Someone then spelled out “What’s the matter” and he was able to reply. Humor can be the best medicine. (Greg has a big medicine cabinet.)

Someone Keeps Stealing My Letters

You have to let the flash program load, so wait until you see colorful letters. Warning: Immature people will try to make bad words. (Same thing happened on

It is funny to watch some of the dynamics in place. I immediately assumed the role of curse-word spoiler. When there are 30 to 40 people on, words rarely can get spelled, so you end up with other spontaneous, group interactions around shapes, colors, positions and patterns.

someonekeeps.gifI did this for about a half hour at home last night. Someone started an alphabet string, and I got the string to be bend in the circle. The whole group jumped in and an overlapping, sequential circle of letters was quicky formed, using all letters. This was the only completed group task that occured.

You’ll find 5 different “fridge sites” at the link above. One only allows 15 users which is less chaotic. We built the alphabet heart pictured here. When it worked (two complete alphabets met to form the heart) someone spelled “YAY LOL.”

Poulan Pro Trimmer SM135: Winding Line

Danny ran out of cutting line with the trimmer. This was the first time we ran out since I bought the trimmer last year. It was not obvious how to wind the double-spool of line. Having no idea where the manual was, I quickly found it on The secret is to cut two lengths of 12.5 feet line, insert them in the anchor holes, and wind them at the same time. Each is locked in opposing threader notches that temporarily hold the line in place while the spool is replaced.

Link to manual.