Speedygreen 2000

While the bermuda grass has come in better than ever (w/ something of a late start thanks to a winter weed problem), I’ve been battling outcroppings of crabgrass all summer by spraying with crabgrass killer. This results in yellow spots when the weather is dry. Crabgrass preventer in early spring is the only way to go.

Yesterday I put down 16 lbs of Vigaro Ultra Turf 29-3-4. It had a setting guide that included by Scott’s Speedygreen 2000. I set the little rotating control to 6.75. The bag was supposed to cover 5,000 sq feet. At 6.75, I seemed to have just enough.

Our front yard is a triangle with a whole (pine island) in the middle. I had Danny measure the 3 sides one time using a 100 foot power cord as his ruler. He did the math. I don’t remember what he came up with. Let’s call it 5,000 sq feet.

Ray Ray

At Lifeteen mass I’ll hear “ray ray nobis” in one of the songs, along with “dona nobis pacem” and can’t figure out what the “ray ray” is. Googled “re re lifeteen nobis pacem” and found this:

Miserere Nobis (mize re re /nobece)- “have mercy on us”

Dona Nobis Pacem (do na/ no bece/ pa chem) “give us peace”

So I’m hearing the second and third syllables of Miserere (have mercy.) Now I can rest.

Google’s Translator

I recently added a Hispanic page to the St. John Neumann website. Since I copy and paste information from our weekly bulletin to update most of the content on SJN, I did the best I could with my 3 years of high school Spanish trying to figure out how things should be presented on the Hispanic page.

This week I discovered Google’s language translation service that lets you translate an entire web page. While imperfect, it really helped me out to see what was on the page, especially with seeing information that has expired.


Google’s translated version

Will Delta Go K-Mart’s Route?

Like Ted, we bought Delta, too. This article explains how stockholders who bought prior to K-Mart’s bankruptcy lost everything. Those who bought into the new company (K-Mart Holding Company) have done quite well. Hope those Delta pilots give in before Delta has to declare bankruptcy.

Kmart’s investors gather as stock soars – 05/25/04

I thought the risk was the company would fold, not realizing the stock could just be “cancelled” and the company come back with a new set of stockholders. Think I’ll just bury our money in a box out back.

Advancements in Journaling

In 1990, I started a family diary on our 512K Macintosh using HyperCard. It was similar to a blog, but rather than web pages, information was on a card. The card could hold text, graphics, sound, and I could program buttons on the card that would do things like search, print, go to the next card, etc. The text could have hyperlinks so that one card could reference another. Different people in the family (mostly Nicole) could write entries. So it had a lot of the same capabilities as MovableType, it just was not shared on the internet.

Two other differences were screen size and color. HyperCard was born in a 9″ black and white screen world. The screenshot below is from our 17″ flat panel iMac. The “Our Diary” HyperCard stack is on the left and mac.fiveforks.com is on the right.


Apple just announced a 30″ screen. I’ve estimated how the 17″ screenshot above would fit on a 30″ screen.


I imported all of the old Our Diary entries into MovableType so they would not be trapped in a closed format. Although here in 2004, HyperCard still runs.