Random Drug Testing

Google started advertising random drug testing services on mac.fiveforks.com. I think this was triggered by my comment on random photos in response to Eric’s question.

I wonder if the new postings and comments on the right have greater weight because they are near the ads?

We’re up to $14.47 in Google ad revenue. Keep clicking those ads!

Georgia Strait Alliance

ga-strait-alliance.gifNo sooner had I posted the blog about my powerful brother of the DOT, than this google ad appeared next to it. I have to admit, I was confused at first, thinking this was some kind of organization that would be opposite of the Georgia Gay Alliance.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

A Powerful Brother

Got this e-mail from my powerful younger brother. He has arranged to keep traffic down for our trip to Florida.

I told the DOT construction people down in Tifton to make sure they

leave at least 2 lanes open southbound on Saturday. They said it will be


Ted C.

Georgia DOT Office of Consultant Design

I don’t have much power. I can’t even help my mom get her check order printed correctly…

Google Ad Report = $10.58

I’m amazed that the small reader base of mac.fiveforks.com continues to generate money via the google ads. We’re up to $10.58! Not much, but I’m amazed. This report shows that my birthday generated over three dollars! Who knows why.

Keep clicking on google ads on mac.fiveforks.com if you see interesting ads. It will help pay for some of the software that makes this system work and keeps it backed up. (MovableType, AutoMySQLBackup, ImageMagik, etc.)

Today an ad for a site that sells praying mantises and lady bugs appeared. Probably driven by the Tiny Mantis posting.

Jeb the Web Reb

JEBStuart.jpegGreg asks, “what is a reb?” He ain’t from these parts.

Ted wrote a birthday poem saying not many words rhyme with Jeb. So I signed a comment “Jeb the Web Reb.”

Mom and Dad (mostly Dad) nicknamed me after General Jeb Stuart of the Confederate Army (the rebels.) So a “reb” was a confederate soldier.

The nickname was only supposed to be a childhood nickname. So Bruthu Grant should take note. He has nicknamed Michael “Lil’ Smut” … just for while he is a kid.



I used a trial version of Navicat to get to the underlying MYSQL tables behind MovableType. I’ve needed to do this in the past to reset user passwords. Navicat is a bit expensive ($95) for my occasional needs.

Just found this open source utility that does everything I need. Next time I have to reset a password, I’ll send them $5.

CocoaMySQL – A MySQL GUI for Mac OS X

CSS Pencils

Scott found this one. Follow his link, then wait for the color pencils to show up. It is not a picture, but instead, every dot of color (or group of 3 dots) is created with an html border tag and colored using CSS. Different style sheets control the bright, darker, red channel, etc. Follow the “About” on his page to read more about it.

birdhouse.org: CSS Pencils