Clean URLs

I’m trying to figure out why URLs without file extensions quit working when upgrading a Domino Server to 6.5. It also does not work on the IIS server used by

On a Domino 5.5 server or Apache server, I’m used to being able to have something like this work:

Thijs van der Vossen ?? Clean url’s

New Gutters

He did good work:

Mitchell Gutter & Sheet Metal
Covington, GA

  • 6″ Cream Gutter +
  • 4″ Cream Downspouts $1550
  • Brown Gutter Hallet cover (top gutters only) $650
  • Paint facia board $175
  • Replace rotten facia and facia on back porch $50

Total: $2400

Password Protect Comments

We’re getting spammed by blog-spammers. Today an offensive couple of spams were posted. Greg called me to let me know so I could quickly delete them.

I’ll be introducing a counter measure shortly. This one seems reasonable.

Free Moby

Added to /mt/lib/mt/app/ just above ip ban:

my $entry_password = uc $q->param(‘password’)

or return $app->handle_error($app->translate(

“Password is required.”));

if ( $entry_password ne “PASSWORD1” && $entry_password ne “PASSWORD2”) {

return $app->handle_error($app->translate(

“Password is incorrect.”));


Google is so simple to use, you may not realize how many things it can do. For example, type your phone number in Google, and see how your name, address, and a map to your house will pop up! (Scary!) helps you find out about things like this. It runs on top of Google. In fact, you may want to go to Soople instead of Google every time!