So Long Judas

Jesus Christ Superstar, the DVD and soundtrack, get regular play in our household. Kelly and Mary Claire can sing many of the lyrics. We were trying to figure out the haunting words sung by the chorus at the end of Judas’ Death.

We found them: So Long Judas. Poor old Judas.

Carl Anderson was the amazing singer/actor who played Judas in the movie. He also played the role on broadway. Looking for more about him, I found he died on February 24th this year of leukemia. This is a good bio on Carl Anderson.

iBook Not Finding DNS

Kathy’s iBook quit finding things on the internet. For some reason it did not know how to locate DNS (our nearest internet phone book.) The wireless router is supposed to tell the iBook where DNS is located.

She thought she had lost internet access, but this would work: (Yahoo’s IP address)

when this would not:

I manually set the i.p. addresses for our two nearest DNS servers: ( (

in the Network system preference.

Off-Line Blogging

Many people use off-line blogging tools like w.bloggar (Windows) or Kung-Log (Mac) to compose articles. It can make a number of steps easier like adding links, doing spell checking, formatting text, and adding images.

Safari now has built in spell checking, so we at Stonegate tend to just use that. However, it means we have to learn how to build links and bolds by hand, since the little link/bold shortcuts are only available in Explorer for Windows (as in the snapshot below.)


Movable Style

The site Movable Style is dedicated to showing off different style templates for Movable Type. Change the “Styles” drop down menu to instantly change the look of the site.

You can download the style sheets and put them in your own blog. If you want to change your blog to one of these looks, let me know.

When you log into MovableType there is a help button at the top that explains how many things work.

Kelly went in and changed a lot of the colors in her style sheet. I helped her clean up her changes, so her blog is unique looking. I think she did a good job.

This article explains how your Main Index template is made and how your style sheet controls the look.