Ever since Apple delivered Safari, a thin, fast browser, I’ve been a fan. I found an equivalent on the Windows side in Firebird, a development project by the Mozilla team. Firebird was a temporary name, but it has become so popular, the final brand name is similar: Firefox.

An article on creating the logo and icon:

// hicksdesign :: branding firefox

R.I.P. = Read In Peace

I do most of my reading (like Greg) on the internet. When Yahoo News started animating their ads so that some of them crawled right across the columns of text, I went looking for a way to block it.

On the Windows side, I’ve used PopUpCop for years. It blocks Pop Up ads, animated banners, and all kinds of tricky script things that run in the background trying to track you, advertise to you, etc. I don’t mind passive banner ads (as print ads are) but all of the animation and tracking is too much.

On Apple’s Safari browser (Internet Explorer did not even ship with our new Mac) I found a blog on Hicks Design pointing to Pith Helmet, which immediately put annoying ads to rest.

Google’s pop-up blocker does not stop animated ads. I doubt Internet Explorer’s new pop-up blocker will either, so I’ll keep using PopUpCop and Pith Helmet.

iMac 17 Entry

iMac 17 arrived at work via FedEx Ground (Home) delivery. This was the default, cheapest shipping method. They attempted to deliver on Saturday night at work. “Business Closed.” Attempted again Monday night. I called FedEx and asked them to tell the driver 8 am to 5 pm please.

Danny had the new Mac with OS X Panther set up in no time. He and Kelly started playing with Garage Band.

The ApplePro Speakers sound every bit as good as the Harman/Kardon Speaker Sticks + iSub. The 17″ screen is terrific, floating in the computer armoire.

Software Update ran automatically and updated various apps. Had to download iSynch 1.3 from .Mac to get Safari Bookmarks, Address Book, and Calendar synched.

Easy but big data transfer efforts: Copy over iPhoto Library and let iPhoto 4 upgrade them from 3 format. Copy iTunes Library.