Ted’s Archos Library

Ted’s catalog method on his Archos is efficient, but it almost assumes you know what is in the catalog. It isn’t very easy to browse. I wanted to create a list of what was on the Archos to scan the contents.

When I archive files to CD, I use Catfish, a catalog utility, to create a text list of the directories and files. I then keep the text file in My Documents under an @Archives directory. That way, if I’m looking for an old file, I can search the archive text listings.

Since the Archos acts like a hard disk when hooked to the PC, I ran Catfish against it to generate this file.

Having the list in a blog makes it easier to see what is on the disk from wherever I may be. In fact, I just discovered it has a fine U2 collection and an @Downloads that is worth putting on shuffle play. (Kathy thinks having some downloads and listening to them in shuffle mode is the same as recording songs off the radio.)

Did Ted’s @Downloads lead to any music buying? I know in our case my Tom Waits collection of paid CDs has filled up thanks to Limewire test drives.

I also plan on buying all of Eva Cassidy’s CDs thanks to NPR and Limewire.

PCAnywhere and VGA.DLL

Merlin crashed when trying to set display properties remotely via PC Anywhere:

STOP: 0x000000CE (0xbfc19492, 0x00000000, 0xbfc19492, 0x00000000) DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATION

This Driver May be at Fault: VGA.DLL

Used this tip: Start PCAnywhere, click Tools, click Application Options, and then click Host Operation. Change Host video mode to Compatible.

Microsoft Article 290114 –

How Galleries Work

Carol reported she could not find the larger photo where her hair is “exploding” which is featured as a thumbnail on the main page of Tybee Island 2003. Dad also reported not finding some photos.

The main page has a link to a group of pictures. I put the # of pictures in that group on the page. “All Dressed Up” has 30 pictures.


Each section is presented in sets of 9. In the upper-right corner of each section of 9, you will see left and right arrows as well as numbers representing each section of 9. “All Dressed Up” has 4 such sections.


Carol’s hair exploding is the first photo on section 2.

Once you “zoom” in on a screen-size photo, you can also go through every photo one by one using the left and right arrows. And you can go “up” a level on any page by clicking on the title.


Each photo has a “Full Size” version that can be used for printing to photographs. These are usually larger than the screen. To save a full size photo, click on the link at the bottom of the screen-size photo and then right click on the giant photo that will appear to save it.

Yoda Security

In search of what services to shut off and which to leave on…

Shut off the following services:



Remote Registry Service

In part based on this article.

Found out why shutting off RPC on Merlin brought it down. (Shouldn’t have done that.)

iBook Dual USB 800 14.1

This is Kathy’s (first) iBook. There are so many flavors of “iBook” it is hard to remember what one has… when looking for support issues. See: Apple-History.com.

iBook (14.1 LCD 32 VRAM) G3

2002-11 Mac OS X 10.2.1

Dual USB

White 800 mhz

256 RAM


30 HD

14.1-inch LCD

combo drive

iTunes’ Join Tracks Feature

iTunes has a “Join CD Tracks” feature which is not intuitive (but in the help file.) I’ve used it for Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. Neither of those CDs have real breaks in the tracks. Each song flows one into the other.


If you highlight one or more tracks on a CD prior to importing, an Advanced menu choice is available: Join CD Tracks.

This creates a single large file. You lose the individual track names and numbers after import, but that’s a small price for breakless listening.


In search of DC’s deleted weblog data…

I’m not used to using databases and not being able to “peer into them” through some kind of GUI. I was able to see all the MovableType MYSQL tables on my system with Navicat. Added a user to the MovableType author table called “Navi”. So that’s why he’s writing this and not Jeb.

(Now… off to restore DC’s deleted blog and entries from backup.)

Update: Now using CocoaSQL which is much free-er than Navicat and works well.