Backing Up MovableType MYSQL database

root# /usr/local/bin/mysqldump -u [user] -p[password] mov_type > /volumes/YODAMEDIA/mov_type_bak.sql

Where [user] is the MySQL user i.d. There is no space between “p” and password. The key to finding mov_type database was to drop FileBuddy onto Pseudo. The MySQL data directory was hidden from me, but is not hidden from root.

See docs on mysqldump.

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Show Status Mail

> sh st mail

Mail.CurrentByteDeliveryRate = 0

Mail.CurrentByteTransferRate = 0

Mail.CurrentMessageDeliveryRate = 0

Mail.CurrentMessageTransferRate = 0

Mail.DBCacheEntries = 0

Mail.DBCacheHits = 0

Mail.DBCacheReads = 0

MAIL.Dead = 750

Mail.Domain = YOURDOMAIN

MAIL.Hold = 0

Mail.TotalKBTransferred = 18

Mail.TotalKBTransferred.NRPC = 17

Mail.TotalKBTransferred.SMTP = 1

Mail.TotalPending = 1279 <——– something is stuck

Mail.TotalRouted = 4

Mail.TotalRouted.NRPC = 3

Mail.TotalRouted.SMTP = 1

Mail.Transferred = 4

Mail.Transferred.NRPC = 3

Mail.Transferred.SMTP = 1

MAIL.Waiting = 4

MAIL.WaitingForDNS = 0

MAIL.WaitingRecipients = 4

W32.Sobig on Yoda

Found Norton AntiVirus presenting this message when logging into Yoda today:

Scan type: Realtime Protection Scan

Event: Virus Found!

Virus name: W32.Sobig.F@mm

File: C:\WINNT\TEMP\\st433922.TMP

Location: Quarantine

Computer: YODA


Action taken: Clean failed : Quarantine succeeded : Access denied

Date found: Fri Aug 22 22:40:43 2003

(Thanks Norton.)

Password Protecting Nekid Babies

Nekid Baby CensoredDad did not like the idea of Fiona running around nekid on the beach. Wasn’t very lady like. The idea that digital photos of her might end up on the internet really bothered him. So I spent several hours figuring out how to password protect a directory on the Apache web server. The concept of .htaccess with user/password files is very straightforward, but not straight enough in this article. I kept getting error messages.

I went off looking for more help and found that Onar had written Apache Protect, a little utility that does the job. The only difference I can spot is that I was attempting to use a dot name (.htpasswd) instead of a plain name (users) for the password file. Let someone else figure it out. Three cheers to Onar Vikingstad!

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Access To Yoda

Could not get to Yoda from Dell laptop. (2000 client to 2000 server.) Kept getting an error message about “no logon server available.”

This tip (#5) came in handy:

Top workgroup FAQs

Looked like this in DOS:

C:\>net use \\yoda /user:

The password or user name is invalid for \\yoda. <–?

Type the password for :

The command completed successfully.


Using the DNS name allows logging in wireless (across subnets)

C:\>net use \\ /user:

Newton iPod

What drives these Newton owners? (I have one plugged in my office I can’t bear to throw away that the kids will occasionally play with.)

These guys are trying to create an iPod Newton with the goal of synching iTunes music onto two 5 Gig (Total 10) ATA PCMCIA cards. Newton treats storage like “soup” so chip memory and PCMCIA memory are all added together as one virtual memory space.

With no spinning drives, you will supposedly get a lot longer battery life. The RISC processor in the my Newton always seemed to chew up battery power… perhaps it is all just a joke.

MovableType 2.64

Upgraded to 2.64 by moving appropriate folders/files into MT or MT-STATIC. The instructions say to FTP up to your web server, but since I’m sitting here on the web server, I just dragged the files/folders in the right places, taking extra care to individually copy extlib folders in, since the upgrade contents of extlib are a subset and not replace.

Made exports of all blogs prior to upgrade, just in case.

I wondered if permissions would have to be set on new directories, but apparently not. Perhaps they inherit the parent folder’s permissions.

Re-enable iTunes sharing outside local subnet

This tip let our iBook (wireless… different subnet) reach our wired iMac.

Jun 10 ’03 at 09:49AM ?? from: lugal ??

Under iTunes 4.0, a lot of people started using music sharing to access the music on their home computers from work. Sadly, iTunes 4.0.1 removed this feature due to piracy concerns. Fortunately, you can re-enable iTunes sharing across subnets with the freeware Rendezvous Beacon.

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