My First Sendmail

[Update: 6/20/2005. With 10.3.9 sendmail is configured to run “Automatic” (vs On or Off). It just works w/ no configuration or fixes required. So comment notifications worked right away when I moved to the G3 running OS X 10.3.9.]

Finally was able to get sendmail running thanks to Mathew Butch. (Sendmail is disabled by default on OS X.) This allows MovableType’s auto-notification to work. George would be proud.

From: System Administrator

Date: Sat Apr 19, 2003 7:46:35 AM US/Eastern


Subject: Test to

using the mail command in terminal window.

Note to self: mv command did not work until Developer Tools were installed…

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Fuzzy Chickens

TIP: Double the size of a scanned image before rotating then resize back down 50%. This helped solve my problem of fuzzy chickens…

pluck pluck<img alt="E065Cs.gif" pluck pluck1512Cs.gif

I had sharp images when scanning in at 150 dpi, but the scanned page was crooked. I had to rotate it 1.25 degrees. Rotating caused the images to get fuzzy (top row.) By resizing the original scan 200%, then rotating 1.25%, and then resizing back down 50%, I got the sharper second row.

My Pen Pal, Sonny



Subject: Re: Contact the Governor

Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 10:52:37 -0400

Dear Mr. Cashel:

Thank you for taking the time to write to me with your concerns about Georgia’s state flag. From the beginning, I have felt that the citizens of Georgia should be heard on this issue. I understand that, in the past, people have felt excluded from this process.

As you may know, the Georgia House of Representatives has arrived at a compromise proposal that will allow the people of Georgia to express their views on our state flag and will move us a step closer to finding a resolution to this issue. I applaud our bipartisan leadership for their efforts to work together on behalf of all Georgians.

I remain committed to working with the General Assembly as this proposal works its way through the legislative process and am hopeful that discussions regarding our state’s flag will remain open and accessible to all Georgians. I am grateful for all the ideas and suggestions about the design of our flag that have poured into my office from citizens all across our state, and I certainly appreciate knowing your thoughts on this important matter.


Sonny Perdue

Kung-Log and iTunes

When posting with Kung-Log you can click on an iTunes button to embed a now playing excerpt. I found out about Six Apart and Kung-Log and the iTunes postings thanks to Scott Hacker.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart by Al Green

Movable Type from Mac

Found a solution to the problem where the Movable Type interface does not support Bold, Italic, URL buttons. Six Apart (the two people who make MovableType) recommend using Kung-Log, which I’m using as I type on an iBook.

In God We Trust on Flag


Seeing the new flag, I decided to write this to the govenor:


The #1 thing I like about the proposed flag is adding “In God We Trust.” 99.99% of Georgians should be unified under that phrase– white, black, christian, muslim, male, or female. We have freedom *OF* religion in America (and yes freedom from religion.)

As for the 1956 flag, I was born in 1961 and grew up thinking our flag looked better than most state flags, sharing the red, white, and blue and stars and bars of the American flag.

The ’56 flag is a good looking flag, but I am not proud of the circumstances under which it was installed. Those who want to honor the Confederacy are free to fly the Confederate Flag, for example in Confederate cemetaries.

Thanks for keeping your campaign promise to let the people decide. I did not like the way Barnes forced a decision without the input of all Georgians.


Jeb Cashel

Snellville, GA