Migrating Merlin to R5

These are the steps we will work on to migrate everyone. In a nutshell

1) NetCentriX mail users move over first (and upgrade clients to R5)

2) NetCentriX applications second,

3) ITS last.

. New Netfinity computer name: Merlin

. Notes server id: Merlin/NetCentriX (simplification in computer / server naming convention)

* Have merlin.netcentrix.net added to DNS. (George)

. Move NCX mail users, leaving design as 4.6, and replicating with Excalibur.

. Upgrade NCX clients to R5 (your computers)

. Upgrde mail file designs to R5.

. Move all other directories and .nsfs.

. Make MX record netcentrix.net goes to merlin’s i.p.

. Mail comes into Excalibur waiting for MX record to take.

. Users replicate w/ Merlin and mail goes out of Merlin.

. When MX record switches, stop mail replication.

. Set up replication between Excalibur and Merlin for non-mail applications

. Set up ITS virtual server on Merlin.

. Submit DNS change for ITS.

. ITS replicates w/ Merlin until DNS change fully propogates.

. Redirect ITS’s own Notes server to replicate with Merlin.

. Excalibur becomes Development when verified no client activity. Renamed Frodo in the Hobbit Domain 🙂