Six Characters in Search of an Author

Source: ND Theatre Archives

Play Title: Six Characters in Search of an Author

Author: Luigi Pirandello

Dates Performed: October 30, 31, 1981

Sponsoring/Producing Organization: ND/SMC Theatre

Venue: Washington Hall

Artistic Staff

Director: Beatrice J. Bosco

Cast List

The Father: James R. Dunlap, Jr.

The Mother: Colleen Quinn

The Son: David M. Barber

The Daughter: Betsy Quinn

The Boy: David Vacca

The Girl: Teran Link

Madame Pace: Bridget Dolan

Director: Greg D’Alessandro

Stage Manager: Randy Kelly

Asst. Stage Manager: Anne Slowey

Property Man: Robin Bottei

Stage Hand: Eddie Moreno

Doorman: Kris Allen

Leading Man: Jeb Cashin

Leading Lady: Therese Brown

Character Lady: Theresa Dipasquale

Juvenile Lead: Chris Patnaude

Actor: John C. Clay

Actor: Suzanne C. Dunlap

Actor: Kathleen Reddington

Production Staff

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Bottum

Light Crew: Annie Patterson

Running Crew: Jeff Mousseau

House Manager: Angela Wing


Source(s) Original program courtesy of Frederic Syburg.